October 22, 2019


Mom’s Best Cereals Sweetened Wheat-fuls

Mom's-Best-WheatfulsI love cereal. Not only do I enjoy cereal for breakfast, I sometimes eat it for dinner. Generally, I prefer high fiber whole grain cereals to which I add fresh fruit for a nutritious meal. One of my favorite brands is Mom’s Best Cereals. They make a wide variety of whole grain cereals that do not contain preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, or hydrogenated oil. Two of my favorites are SWEETENED WHEAT-FULS and RAISIN BRAN. The SWEETENED WHEAT-FULS are similar to spoon-size shredded wheat and one serving has 6 g of dietary fiber. Another thing that makes this cereal special is the fact that the cereals are economically priced.